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Coventry Peace and Climate Change Lecture 2020 by Sir David King — 1 Comment

  1. we still seem to believe that we have a reasonable chance of curbing the worst consequences of Climate Change by 2050 by changing
    human behaviour,but is this achievable? I first began to take an interest in climate change in the 1980s when the damaged Ozone layer
    created public attention and I have taken an interest since but it’s only become a serious political issue since Greta Thunberg captured
    the public’s imagination two years ago.The speed which ice caps are melting and the resulting release of methane gas is frightening
    and without co-operation worldwide urgently this cannot be stopped unless the self interests by all nations are put aside.The Pandemic
    has shown how difficult it is to get nations to put aside their differences and work together but it is vital that this is achieved.

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