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  1. 1.Thank you for this post.

    2.ll IDPs emerging from the warzone were compulsorily detained in army-guarded camps.
    On 19May 2009, the day after the war was over, the war-battered zone was made out of bounds for ICRC and the public so that a vast section of the military could be shifted into the Northern Province hich soon came to have more than 90% of the Military of the country.
    It was planned to carry out Psychological Operations(PsyOps) on the people when the war-battered people began to be released and tried to move into their own areas.
    One of the Sri Lankan retired ambassadors that orked in UN, Ne York told a meeting of Colombo Chamber of Commerce in June 2015 that neither a political solution nor economic development had not started even 6yrs after the war was over. It remains so till today. Only
    PsyOps has been going on well till today. No SDGoals for them.
    75yrs is long enough for oppressive regimes to have learnt the UN ropes so well as to use them to protect themselves.

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