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Introduction to Model United Nations (MUN)

Introduction to Model United Nations

A Model United Nations (MUN) is an activity which engages people, typically older secondary schools or university students, with the work and importance of United Nations by taking on the roles of ambassadors and other diplomatic figures from a nominated UN member state, or from the UN itself.

They first research and then debate issues of global importance, which could be actual or imaginary scenarios.

MUNs help delegates gain experience and skills in research, analysis, critical thinking, writing, teamwork, debate, mediation and leadership. MUNs vividly demonstrate the interdependence of nations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other players in resolving world problems.

The MUN pages on this website contains links to resources which will help schools and universities to run a Model United Nations MUN. You can reach this page using the link

UNA Coventry will be running a Model United Nations Presentation and Simulation on 28 Jan 2017

UNA Coventry are currently working to develop resources with a focus on a Climate Change MUN. The target date is Green Week, 13-19 February 2017.