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Young People’s Peace Essay Competition 2020 — 8 Comments

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  3. Young generation age in peace
    Our duty is the gift of parents. Our time is our magnitude means size to see the future. There in our future we need
    money, child gifts , relatives loves ,
    Family supports , as these all are primary nature tools. Which will builds
    our morning , day , night so beautifull
    in the society of human field. because our life is very precious for the community. There is no said without being have of the true life. For this
    we younger need to study earths materials for the community language to
    considers in a family. Like younger brothers to elder brothers by playings
    a bollyball or football through which
    our interaction or natural bonds gets
    strong and wisdom.
    We need a study of materials which provide a basic fundamentals duties.
    We need a peace by an ( objects / object ) from the internal soul.

    • Hello Yasmina,

      Thanks for your question.
      We will be running a special competition next year, probably in the spring. This will probably be followed by the normal Peace Poem Competition running from September to November.

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