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  1. I think the UK will need to revisit its past colonies. This is the first thing to do. They will need to actively get into the nitty-gritty of the issues plaguing those countries including Ambazania currently under siege and genocide by La Republic Du Cameroon in complicity with France. As I write, there are French troops on the ground fully geared and armed to the teeth to kill innocent Ambazonians. This is a mess Britain created and any leader to govern the UK, has to show that he/she upholds all the values of humans as enshrined in the universal declaration of human rights proclaimed by the UN on the 10Th Dec 1948.

    For the UK to take a leading role in safeguarding and “enhancing” human rights globally, she will need to implement “active human rights” by standing for the rights of the oppressed especially those countries that were part and parcel of the British empire. Please, remember, the people of Ambazonia need your help. They are being slaughtered on a daily basis like sheep. When Rwandans were being slaughtered, the world folded its arms and watched. Later on, the UN held convened a “Never Again” worldwide gathering. What is happening in Ambazonia right now? It’s plain daylight genocide.

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