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  1. When will the campaigners say the ACTUAL truth. The problem with the planet is over-population. The cry from the young is all about More Housing, more rights, freedom of choice. Mention population control, numbers not thought, and everyone screams “Nazi”. The more people, the more housing, the more green areas concreted over. The more factories making white goods, even green energy causes pollution in the manufacturing process. The flood defences do not work, water has to go somewhere and I water power is enormous, look at the damage it causes when stormy seas hit the coast. Plastic has caused much damage to the environment, chemicals cause damage to the air and ground. Trees are cut down to make way for building. We treat wildlife with contempt, they are unimportant when man needs the land. IVF bringing children into the world who would normally not have been born. You can talk about plastic, greenhouse gases etc til the world ends but as the population continues to expand life will become untenable. Man’s wants, not needs, take priority over everything. The young students, so vocal and active, are being misled by those with an agenda. Get Real, look st the huge population growth since the industrial revolution and which continues to race ahead. Demand an investigation into Population growth and how, in the future there will be no green spaces, animals only in zoos. Stop being led and research into the problems, deforestation, concreting over green areas. Stop people using housing as a income, people who own hundreds of properties for rent, taking them off the market for buyers. Open your eyes and minds and look at increasing desertification, land being lost through coastal erosion. Do you want to live in a concrete covered world because no one will discuss population.

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  3. I am a 46-year old Veterinary Surgeon, and am just wishing to add my support to the strike today. Time to act on climate change, if we are to make a meaningful difference, has just about run out, and without some kind of rebellion I am afraid its going to be business as usual for governments, corporations and all those who hold the power (they will of course not be the ones who pay the consequences of doing nothing). I genuinely believe the school strikes, if on a large enough scale and occurring frequently enough, could be what is needed to make those in charge stop and listen. Well done. Paul

  4. Go on a course of economics. Get to understand lord Lawson type reasoning. Also right wing views on free choice. Then you’ll stop reacting ss if we all see climate change the same way . You’ll see that waste disposal isn’t ” noticed” because to notice it would mean allocating a cost to deal with it. Have you all given up bring I a car, in any vehicle as to its exhausts ??? Get that fact. See the picture better. NB developing countries – watch your assumptions. India is the tenth most industrialized country . Yet it says that climate change is a first world issue having gained advantages Te industrial revolution but this means we’ve had more time to generate climate problems. Brilliant to see you out snd about yet tje adult world has conformed in a less simple way than you ate able to see things . How you don’t lose vision when overtaken by vested interests will be interesting. Bed Ws Frances Gaskin

  5. To Anna Taylor and all involved in yesterday’s demonstrations :

    VERY MANY CONGRATULATIONS on your brave stand to bring lack of action on Climate Change to the attention of the Government. Your demonstrations and marches were truly inspiring and I wish you every success in your mission. I hope your movement goes from strength to strength and I’m sure you will achieve your desired demands with the great determination so very well shown on our TV screens yesterday. VERY WELL DONE, once again, and I look forward to hearing of urgent action on Climate Change in the very near future. J. Page.

  6. Your wisdom has no age limit. I’m proud of your awareness of this most critical danger of our age. You have the right to demand action and should continue until the entire global population is roused to action in order to assure a future for themselves !

  7. I’m a teacher teaching in secondary schools in Lyantonde district in Uganda. It’s one of the dry corridor districts in Uganda. I’m appreciate and commend the work you are doing to save our global environment.
    Environmental concerns cut across the globe whether in developing or developed countries.
    I’m seeking for partnership and volunteers in our school for information exchange and enhance my efforts environmental conservation activities.
    Is there any possibility?
    Let me know.

  8. My father was a physicist who knew before my birth that he was putting me on a Titanic. I am not a happy bunny.
    Not only did he know that Human activity was causing climate change he also knew that the apex predator was reproducing exponentially. This IS the upstream problem and my husband and I have no children. Why should a creature who has no choice in the matter be made to face the runaway train that is climate change? Not only the climate is changing, we have polluted everything (95% of people on Earth now breathe polluted air), clean water is running out, the oceans are dying and what I will never forgive bio-diversity has been trashed. I hate concrete jungles. If I could sue my parents for having put me through this terror and despair I would. We are still as we speak adding over 80 million people per year to the teats of an exhausted biosphere. How ridiculous are we? This is going to end in absolute carnage. I would call on you to support organisations such as Population Matters, World Population Balance, the Population Media centre, Demographie Responsable and to put pressure on the UN to add Population stabilisation as a sustainability goal or we’re gonners and maybe deservedly so.

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  10. I was one of the original organisers of the Climate Camp, which was set up in 2007. I understannd entirely where the kids are coming from!

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